New way to play football at MTG United for Peace in Norway

Football was played in a new and exciting way when the turn came for Norway to decide on a team to represent the country at the MTG United for Peace Cup.

3V3 Norway held the first tournament of three in Nittedal, just north of Oslo, on 18 June. The other two legs were held on 27 August at Skjetten football club and 17 September in Kjelsås. The three best placed teams from the tournaments will go on to represent Norway at the MTG United for Peace Cup Final.

Hundreds of football teams had signed up for what proved to be an immensely popular tournament, the first of its kind in Norway. The concept of 3V3 matches is easy; three players in each team, playing for seven minutes on small pitches, with small goals and no goalkeeper.

“The whole idea is to make football easier to access for younger children. And it makes playing football even greater fun!” said Ole Jørgen Tallaksrud, head of the 3V3 tournament.

“No-one specifically needs to be a forward or defence player, everyone can play over the whole field. There’s a lot of contact with the ball, and it moves around the whole time. Since the football never leaves the pitch, there is no need for throw-ins or anything like that. With this form of football no-one gets to sit on the bench, being a bored substitute, everyone can join in the action!“

There sure was a lot of action around; with this kind of straightforward football the children were scoring a lot more goals, boosting their self-esteem and taking their playing skills to new heights. A lot of other activities and fun surrounded the two tournaments; the children enjoyed a spectacular show with Anders Azun Solum, Football Freestyle World Champion. The way he completely mastered the ball and never let it stop, bouncing it off his feet whilst laying on the ground, then jumping up and balancing the ball from one shoulder to the next was truly inspirational for everyone. The young football players could also test how hard they could hit the ball with the help of laser measurements as well as enjoy themselves on bouncy castles. 

“The thing that we are most happy about is that this works as an excellent way to take football out to the masses,” Ole Jørgen Tallaksrud continued.

“At Nittedal, we’re not a football club striving to become professional, but we have a lot of players and we want to make them all even more enthusiastic about football. And maybe get some new talents interested!”

The girls in the winning teams from Nitteldal, Bærums Verk and Kjelsås are now proud to join forces to represent Norway when it’s time for the final of MTG United for Peace in Oslo in the beginning of October.  

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