The TV1000 movie channel brand is available as a TV1000 East version in the Baltic States and in an additional nine countries within the CIS and as a version for ten countries in the Balkan region. The channels show the very latest Hollywood and European movies.

TV1000 was originally launched on 27 August 1989 in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and was the first pay-TV channel started by MTG’s founder Industriförvaltnings AB Kinnevik. It was only the second TV channel created by Kinnevik (the first being TV3) and was introduced after the Astra 1A satellite, Europe’s first private satellite system, had become operational in 1989. Jan Stenbeck and his Industriförvaltnings AB Kinnevik was one of the founders and the largest private shareholder in SES/Astra.

TV1000 merged with the competitor SF Succé in 1991 and expanded into Finland.

In February 1995 TV1000 became two channels, TV1000 and TV1000 Cinema.

In September 2004 the two were rebranded and extended into six thematic premium movie channels, TV1000, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Nordic, TV1000 Family, TV1000 Classic and TV1000PlusOne.

TV1000 HD was launched in January 2008 in conjunction with Viasat’s introduction of its HDTV service, ViasatHD, on the satellite TV platform in Sweden, Norway Denmark and Finland.

In the Nordic region all TV1000 channels were rebranded in February 2009 when an additional thematic channel, TV1000 Drama, was launched. Then in March 2012, to mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of Viasat’s pay-TV services, the TV1000 movie channel brand was rebranded to Viasat Film across the Nordic region. At the same time, Viasat also launched four new Viasat Film premium pay-TV HD movie channels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

In between, expansion outside the Nordic countries had commenced:

  • The launch of the new premium movie channel TV1000 East in March 2003 became the start of MTG’s pay-TV channel business in Central & Eastern Europe. Distribution via third party networks started simultaneously in Russia, Moldova, Belarus and the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia have been added since. TV1000 East was rebranded in December 2009.
  • TV1000 Russian Kino was launched in October 2005 in the Baltic states, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were added in 2006, Armenia in 2007. In November 2008 TV1000 Russian Kino was launched for the Russian speaking population of the United States. TV1000 Russian Kino was rebranded in December 2009.
  • TV1000 Balkan, a localised premium movie channel specially packaged for the Balkan region, was launched in November 2005 and is available in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. TV1000 Balkan was rebranded in November 2009. 
  • TV1000 Poland, specially packaged for Poland, was launched in March 2007 and became the first single country TV1000 channel. TV1000 Poland was rebranded in November 2009.
  • In April 2008 TV1000 Premium, with Hollywood blockbuster movies 24 hours a day, launched in the Baltic states. It is only available for subscribers of the gold package on Viasat’s satellite platform in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as an add-on channel.
  • An additional TV1000 Action channel was launched in September 2008 in Russia, other countries within CIS and in the Baltic states. TV1000 Action East was rebranded in December 2009.

TV1000 and its different thematic or regional brands are available through Viasat's digital satellite TV platform in Ukraine, via Raduga TV in Russia and are also distributed via third party networks.

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