TV1000 Russian Kino

The premium movie channel TV1000 Russian Kino provides viewers with original Russian movies, ranging from classic titles to more recent blockbusters.

TV1000 Russian Kino was launched in October 2005 in the Baltic states, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were added in 2006, Armenia in 2007. 

In November 2008 TV1000 Russian Kino was launched for the Russian speaking population of the United States. Initially it became available through the DISH Network, the third largest pay-TV provider in the US. Since February 2009 the channel has also been available to Time Warner Cable customers in the New York City Region, the most populous metropolitan area in the United States and with a large proportion of Russian speakers. In October 2009 the channel became available through Time Warner Cable in the Southern California area, including Los Angeles. Most recently, in June 2014, the channel was made available to Russian speakers in Israel through the yes satellite platform.

TV1000 Russian Kino was rebranded in December 2009.

TV1000 Russian Kino is broadcast 24 hours a day.

The first TV1000 channel was launched in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in August 1989.

TV1000 Russian Kino is available through Viasat’s digital satellite TV platform in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, through Raduga TV in Russia and is also distributed via third party networks in the Baltics, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Israel and in the United States.

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